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Battery pack

battery modulesBestgo offer OEM service to make quantity volume battery packs according to customer requirements. For the reliable performance, we use single cells which are manufactured by the latest manufacturing way under the automatic monitoring-feedback system. All materials for cells are sourced from famous companies in U.S., Japan and China. With professional matching system, we can choose the best identical cells for cell pack, this make sure the superior consistency and high reliable in steady performance. For the package stage, we have patented structure methods like block type structures, cassette sheets structures and so on to build cell pack, we will design suitable battery case for cell pack with BMS built in and necessary components. The whole pack will be delivered as “ready-to-use” products with a high reliable quality.

battery modulesThe metal case for battery pack are treated as high safety assurance. Metal case will act as a protector to resist the outside force damage, also act as an isolation method if any inside or outside condition ran into serious problems. The metal case can be sealed in an acceptable waterproof and dustproof level, the case can be installed with handles, sockets, connectors and necessary components etc. For inside structure, the metal case can be installed with extra metal frames or sheets with screw holes, it is good for BMS installation and block type modules or cassette sheets modules assembly, all components are well fixed to obtain a high reliable battery pack in structure. In further development if customer need to reduce the weight, we can change metal case to plastic case. The metal case is always been used as the evaluating or validating method for prototype stage and small volume order stage.

battery modulesNormally we use battery modules to config battery pack, modules have screw holes for busbar connection, the busbar we used is soft-link type that can firmly attach to modules so offer nice electricity conduction when big current pass. Among modules each other and metal case here are necessary foams for the buffering, after busbars installed to modules here are plastic lids for every modules for isolation and protection. Here will be metal frames with foams pressing on them for the fix, also metal frames are used for fix the BMS and other components. By this method we could deliver high reliable metal case packaged battery packs.

battery modulesBestgo are open free to let customer selecting their own BMS. We can leave the screw holes for customer to install their BMS, if customer could offer detail define of connectors, we can make wire harness accordingly, and install the contactors, fuses, current sensor etc. When customer received battery packs they just need to open lid then install their BMS with connectors plug in, this is very convenient for customer operation. We can also offer the PCB BMS which offer basic protection mechanism, or we can add the communication function (like RS485) if customer willing to pay some customize fee for those extra functions. We can also offer advanced BMS which support CAN protocol output and touch screen.

If requested by customer and product volume is acceptable, we can also make plastic cases by anti-frame plastic materials. For the sample making we will offer 3D files for customer checking and use 3D printing to make sample cases, this requires some extra costs but is convenient for both sides.For cell’s quality control and cell’s test & pick up etc for battery pack, please visit Technology page.For block type module, cassette sheet module, shrink film package module introduction, please visit Battery modules page.

Here are some examples of customized battery packs listed as below, pack size can be easily changed according to customer requirements. Packs made with different cells will have different sizes and weights, please contact our engineers for the proposal to best suit your projects.

VoltCapacityChemistryDischarge CurrentDimension (mm)Package WayWeight
36V 64Ah Li-NCM ≤ 80A /180A peak 300*170*110 Metal case, BMS 16kg
48V 80Ah Li-NCM ≤ 100A /250A peak 430*170*300 Metal case, BMS 30kg
60V 64Ah Li-NCM ≤ 80A /180A peak 300*170*165 Metal case, BMS 27kg
72V 120Ah Li-NCM ≤ 150A /350A peak 400*400*300 Metal case, BMS 68kg
84V 140Ah Li-NCM ≤ 170A /350A peak 480*410*300 Metal case, BMS 95kg
103V 280Ah Li-NCM ≤ 340A /840A peak 800*560*300 Metal case, BMS  205kg
48V 300Ah LiFePO4 ≤ 350A /900A peak 600*640*310 Metal case, BMS 132kg
48V 512Ah Li-NCM ≤ 800A /1600A peak 650*650*310 Metal case, BMS 171kg

Battery pack can be customized as below, Voltage range is from 12V to 600V, Capacity range is from 30Ah to 1200Ah, dimension of battery packs can be changed accordingly, continuous and peak current will be adjusted to best suit to the project/application. We make customized battery packs for customer as OEM service, please contact us for details with specified pack voltage, current, capacity and preferred battery space etc.