• Metal case Li-ion battery packs with BMS built in

    Metal case Li-ion battery packs with BMS built in

    Metal case for high safety protection, lase welding and block module structure for reliable package structure, durable PCB BMS for frequently daily use. The metal case battery packs represent the best “ready to use” products we offer to customer.


  • High Quality Cells and Battery Modules

    High Quality Cells and Battery Modules

    We offer OEM services to make battery packs based on li-ion cells and modules, modules have unified shape and high reliable quality which can be configured to battery packs in an easy and convenient way.


  • Powerful and Ultra safe batteries

    Powerful and Ultra safe batteries

    Our high power and high energy density LiFePO4 batteries which have abundant safety design. People could enjoy in high speed racing events with zero emission, electric powered vehicles.


  • High-precision Fully Automated equipments

    High-precision Fully Automated equipments

    Our advanced manufacturing facilities along with improved materials deposition methods produce superior Li-NCM and LiFePO4 battery products.


  • Green and renewable energy

    Green and renewable energy

    Our total green, environmentally friendly, LiFePO4 batteries are non-hazardous. We help people realize the optimum energy storage solutions from a totally non-polluting energy source.



Advanced lithium ion battery materials, nano level liquid dissolve cell manufacturing process, high precision quality control and ultra safe battery package design, enhanced products quality.

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Our talent technology offer a better choice for advanced energy storage systems, which are powerful and ultra safe, long life span and zero emission, represent clean and eco-friendly.

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Metal case battery packs with BMS built in
Unifiled battery module structures
Electric vehicle level li-ion pouch cells
Offering ODM & OEM service for customer

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About Bestgo Battery

Bestgo Battery Company limited specializes in manufacturing advanced lithium ion batteries. We deployed fully automatic Product Data Monitoring System (PDMS) in all cell manufacturing process. We take high quality materials, advanced laser equipments and nano level liquid dissolve based manufacturing fomula and high precision quanlity control, to make sure our batteries have high reliable quality with nice cost achieved in mass production.

Bestgo developed patent designed battery modules. Those unified modules can eliminate uncertain factors in mass production, modules can simplify the structure design of battery pack, make sure battery pack have high reliability in vibration conditions, and easy of maintenance in battery packs. We cooperated with BMS suppliers to developed BMS suit for our batteries, not only have advanced BMS that support screens and communication functions, but also have cost-effective PCB BMS available. We offer the products with flexible in customize, high reliable quality and "ready-to-use" systems.

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What’s Our Clients Say

We were able to do some testing with some of the modules today, the 80Ah pack worked well in our walk behind model ! Those Bestgo Packs made our mowers perform so much better it was just like a brand new machine !

A Comment from A Mower Supplier