battery applications

Customized Cases

We would suggest customer take single cell as the trail order, in order to test the performance of the battery (capacity, discharge & charge characteristics, safety test etc.). After testing, customer would assemble the battery pack to test & improve their design. After all parameters have been confirmed by customer, we make mass production as the first sample confirmation. This test & adjust method would make customer clearly know our products characteristics, and requirements from customer would be fully executed.
For some special cases, we would customize programs following customer’s requirements. In those cases, we make sure customer well understands all characteristics of our batteries, and then we did joint developing with customer. Our professional battery knowledge along with high sense of responsibility would help customer finish their detailed cases. With more cases finished we updated our knowledge in applications, customer would be more satisfied with our products and service, it is a win-win result. (Customized Cases need extra fee)
Different cases need different solutions. For us, we specialized in LiFePO4 battery technologies and we well understand the electrochemical behaviors of Lithium batteries. We are familiar with various applications of energy storage solution like in electric vehicles, wind & solar systems, marine, portable tools, industrial utilities and medical equipments etc. We offer mature solutions for all of our customers.