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Long Lifespan and Ultra Safe Rechargeable Cell

Lithium NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide based) pouch Cell

Bestgo Battery make high quality Li-NCM cells (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide based) which have good energy density and consistency, which are suitable for the light and impact battery packs. We have done some improvements in battery materials, which make our cells have abundant safety tolerance and good consistency. Battery packs made with our Li-NCM cells are the best candidate to replace lead acid batteries because they have good cycle life, powerful energy, light weight and small in size, they can be widely used in portable tools, vehicles and boats etc. The EV type Li-NCM cells made by us are built for battery packs which now quipped on hundreds of electric buses running in every day.

Cell model BCPNE20T
Voltage and capacity 3.7V 20Ah @ C/3, 23℃
Cell Dimension 68*13*225 mm
Weight 410 ± 5 g
Energy Density 180 Wh/kg, 372Wh/L
Max Dis. Current ≤ 40 A @ 23°C / 2C cosntant
Cycle Life ≥ 2000 times @ 70%DOD, ±C/3 current

Cell model BCPNE32G
Voltage and capacity 3.7V 32Ah @ C/3, 23℃
Cell Dimension 155*8*242 mm
Weight 590 ± 5 g
Energy Density 200 Wh/kg, 372Wh/L
Max Dis. Current ≤ 96 A @ 23°C / 3C cosntant
Cycle Life ≥ 2000 times @ 80%DOD, ±C/3 current

Cell model BCPNE48M
Voltage and capacity 3.7V 48Ah @ C/3, 23℃
Cell Dimension 100*12*310 mm
Weight 750 ± 10 g
Energy Density 236 Wh/kg, 477Wh/L
Max Dis. Current ≤ 144 A @ 23°C / 3C cosntant
Cycle Life ≥ 2000 times @ 80%DOD, ±1C current

Li-NCM C rate
Li-NCM C and D
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