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Li-ion Pouch cells

Li-ion Pouch cells

Bestgo Battery makes high quality Li-ion pouch cells which have thin shape for heat passing and internal resistance reduction. The package foil of cells is a type of aluminum and elastic fibers mixed material which comes from Japan based company (Showa). The aluminum improved the heat passing efficiency, the strong elastic fibers make foil has good strength and tolerence. In extreme condition if cells damaged and generated heat and gas, the package foil can be blown up to hold them but not allow any liquid or gas leak out, this is a very nice safety design.

To enhance the safety reliability, we applied an unique step in manufactuing that is arrange all half-made cells in 75 degree Celsius oven for 2 hours as a high temperature tolerence test. Our unique chemistry formula and nice materials will help cells pass the test. Then we promise pouch cells made by us are quality reliable in high temperature condition as we specified. The electrolyte of our pouch cells are semi-solid state which better than liquid type that may have risk of leak out of cell.

For quality control, we use high quality raw materials and all manufacturing processes are exactly supervised by the advanced PDMS (Product Data Monitoring System), every step is checked, logged and judged, if a problem occurs it will be discovered real time and any faulty product would be discarded, this automated system results in higher reliablity and high effective utilization in production cost. System also logged full electric properties of every cells, for battery pack step the system will calculate those cell parameters and offer the best candidates cells for pack assembly, cells in one pack will act almost same even after hundreds of cyles, battery pack will have good consistency.

The Li-NCM pouch cells (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide based) made by us have high energy density of about 185 Wh/kg in weight and 370 Wh/L in volume, which are suitable for the light and impact battery packs. We have done some improvements in battery materials, which make our cells have abundant safety tolerance and good consistency. The EV type Li-NCM cells made by us are built for battery packs which now quipped on hundreds of electric buses running in every day... READ MORE

The LiFePO4 pouch cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate Oxide based) made by us are featured with long cycle life and high safety assurance. Some of 10Ah LiFePO4 pouch cells made in 2011 have cycled about 4000+ times with 100% DOD in test lab. For now we are making 20Ah LiFePO4 pouch cells which are designed for high safety assurance and consistency, which will be used in long life energy storage systems and big electric vehicle applications... READ MORE

We could also use some small cylindrical cells (18650) to build battery packs which require small capacity or limite package shape, we will source high quality cells for customer's project.